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  In this area, you'll find the research material, case studies and references that help form the basis of the Brain Evolution System™. It's a great primer for understanding more about the world of BrainEv!

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Quick Introduction

A brief introduction to the Brain Evolution System - including the many benefits you'll begin to enjoy as you master your brainwaves.


How It Works

Learn more about how sounds effect the brain, and how the Brain Evolution System uses specialized sounds to influence your state.


Discovering Brainwaves

Uncover the world of brainwaves and the four key states of mind - alongside how they're measured, and what they really mean to you.


Sample User Brainwave Readings

Discover how BrainEv influences brainwaves - with this case study, showing one user's EEG readings over a 15 minute period.


3P DEAP™ Technology

Learn more about the powerful 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, the technology that makes BrainEv so effortlessly powerful.


BrainEv Product Comparison

Explore how the Brain Evolution System compares with other market-leading meditation tools. Ask these questions before buying anything!


User Experiences

Discover how people are enjoying the Brain Evolution System! Read user experiences and unsolicited testimonials in this section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Brain Evolution System, how to use it, how it works, and more.


 Download the User's Guide

Read our downloadable PDF user's guide, showing how you can get started with the entire program in record-time.

    Research & Benefits Video Archive

Video: An Introduction to BrainEv

Watch BrainEv developer Michael Kelley discuss how the Brain Evolution System works - in this special US television feature.


Video: How BrainEv Works

Sit back and relax - as Michael Kelley explains precisely how the Brain Evolution System audio technology helps influence your brainwaves.


Video: Watch the Level Support Videos

Stream the individual level support videos online, guiding you through each of the six levels within the Brain Evolution System.


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