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  If you have a question about the Brain Evolution System™, before speaking with our support team, you might find your answer quicker on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

  Another good resource is the Research & Benefits area, which discusses both the technical aspects of the program, along with the straight-talking benefits BrainEv offer its users.

   Finally, you may wish to try visiting our fully-fledged support site, online at 

  This site includes an expanded FAQ, video support, the downloadable user's guide, and more. 

  Still need to talk?

  We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have!


  Please note the following...

  • Customer support is e-mail only. We're a small team and we work odd and irregular hours (spanning eight different time zones!) so e-mail is the quickest and most efficient mode of contact.

  • We can't answer questions of a medical nature. We're not doctors. If you have any queries of a medical or biological nature, please contact your own physician or qualified medical practitioner. We won't answer any such questions ourselves. Read our Disclaimer for more information.

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