How the Brain Evolution System™ Works

  The Brain Evolution System uses a highly specialized audio process to create sounds that assist in achieving advanced states of meditation.

  Let's explore this concept. 


  The idea of using sound to induce meditation is nothing new.


  For millennia, sound has been used for healing and transformation. From the chanting rituals of ancient shamans to Tuvan throat singing, from Gregorian chants to moving classical symphonies - sound and music has long played a central role in the shaping of our human consciousness.


  Think about it: You already know the effect some sounds can have on you.


  Just close your eyes and consider sounds that fill you with peace and relaxation. Such as the gentle crash of an ocean wave, the pitter-patter of raindrops, or the sound of a cool breeze rushing through the trees.


  The SECRET behind why these sounds move us lies in their FREQUENCY.


  As you know, sound is vibration; it is a composed of frequencies. The brain also carries it's own vibrations too - and these frequencies are known as "brainwaves."


  Brainwaves are electrical signals emitted by your brain, and the 100 billion neurons that make up the nervous system. All of your senses communicate via these neurons - including your memories, your habits, and your emotions.


  Each cell creates a tiny electrical charge when "activated" - and using specialized equipment, such as an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine, we can detect such activity within the brain. This electrical activity occurs in "waves" - hence we can record the patterns of such activity as "brainwaves."


  Brainwave technology is nothing new. It's been under research for over 170 years.


  Methods of influencing brainwaves were initially discovered by German scientist H.W. Dove back in 1839, And the very first brainwave recording, obtained by scientist Hans Berger, was released in 1924:


History's first EEG recording, obtained by Hans Berger in 1924.



  So, we know that the brain operates in frequencies - and that some sounds can influence it.


  Now here's where the Brain Evolution System comes in.


  The Brain Evolution System™ is a cutting-edge audio program which (essentially) plays special frequencies into each ear.


  When the brain hears these frequencies, it attempts to follow the frequency pattern. This is a natural process known as "brainwave entrainment."


  It's similar to what happens when you strike one tuning fork and hold another next to it. The second starts vibrating at the same frequency as the first. 


  This process occurs naturally when you listen to the sounds of waves, or gentle rainfall. The brain follows the soothing frequencies and influences your brainwave patterns, helping you feel more relaxed. The sounds change your state of mind.


  The Brain Evolution System uses this knowledge to play special frequencies into each ear - bringing about the states of mind associated with IMPROVED BRAIN FUNCTIONING.


  It helps activate "peak performance" states - such as deep meditation, razor-sharp focus, a sense of wellbeing, increased creativity, heightened problem solving, total relaxation, and more.


  And the Brain Evolution System ensures more powerful results than other methods, by utilizing its exclusive, proven 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P DEAP.).


  The 3P DEAP technology combines the three most effective brainwave entrainment methods available - matching the complexity of your brains natural brainwave rhythms, for the greatest possible success.


  Now, initially, the positive effects of this brainwave entrainment are temporary. Typically, these include a reduction in stress and increase in relaxation.


  However, brain dexterity acts like a muscle. And, just like any other muscle, by continuing to practice, greater strength is built up. Within a short period of time, you'll be able to tap into advanced peak performance brainwaves - literally on-demand. That means you'll be able to access states of improved brain functioning and of being in 'The Zone', on-demand and effortlessly.


  The six different levels in the Brain Evolution System provide a virtual gym for your brain, helping steadily build your brain into a powerful, high-performance muscle - that operates at peak performance, all the time.


  So, there we have it. 


  That's how sounds affect brainwaves - and how the Brain Evolution System utilizes frequencies to help safely and positively change your state of mind.


* * *


Video: How BrainEv Works


   To learn more about how the Brain Evolution System works, from chief developer Michael Kelley, click to play this video:


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