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Got a question about the Brain Evolution System? Just read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also find more in-depth FAQs and related support material at our support site. Can't find what you're looking for? Just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

Are there any precautions to consider?
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What is the Brain Evolution System?

The Brain Evolution System™ (or BrainEv) is a six-level program for mastering the brain.

 The program uses specially-crafted sounds to help influence your brainwaves, bringing profound benefits - such as sharper thinking, more energy, greater relaxation, better problem solving skills, and much more!

As you use the program, your brain muscle is automatically "trained" more and more - enabling you to tap into those peak performance brainwaves, on-demand!

Each level of the program features a relaxing mix of all-natural sounds - coupled with the exclusive 3P DEAP brainwave entrainment technology.

Click here to learn about the Brain Evolution System and it's many benefits.

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What is the focus of the Brain Evolution System?

We believe that each of us deserves a sharp, flexible mind - with a strong brain to support it.

 The pace and variability of modern life present a multitude of distractions that leave our brains in a frenetic state. Simple mental attributes, such as calm, focus, contentment, imagination, intuition and mental acuity, have become increasingly difficult to obtain, let alone maintain.

 Achieving your peak mental state and learning to rid your mind of unsettling anxieties has a knock-on effect on almost every area of your life. You perform better. You think better. You respond to every situation better.

 And that's what Brain Evolution is all about – performing and living at your peak.


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What does the Brain Evolution System do?

Ultimately the Brain Evolution System (or BrainEv) is a virtual gym for your brain.

Each level offers an evolving step along a six-tier program designed to introduce you to a variety of brainwave states. This allows you to "train" your brain muscle, so that you can tap into those peak performance states in future, on-demand.

In just six months of using the Brain Evolution System, you can reach advanced states of mind that previously required years, even decades, of meditative practice.

After using the program, most users find themselves enjoying less stress and greater relaxation, improved moods, more energy, and sharper thinking. The majority of users also report an increase in creativity, the ability to learn, memory, and problem solving.

Other benefits of mental mastery following the BrainEv program include:

  • Train yourself to be more calm, peaceful and patient

 • Improve your cognitive abilities - and rocket your memory

 • Increase your problem-solving capabilities, gaining greater understanding and clarity

 • Reduce the amount of sleep you need each night, and increase the quality of your sleep

 • Gain valuable insights into your conscious and subconscious thinking processes

 • Invoke vivid dreams, and recall them with greater ease

 • Discover how to consciously change your emotions - to enjoy greater freedom

 • Shift into "The Zone" automatically - when faced with agitation or distraction

 • Convert stress into calm on-demand - so you can succeed when it really counts

 • Explore the undisturbed landscape of your consciousness - uncover your own profound wisdom

 • Experience heightened "Zen Monk"-like meditation - usually only possible after years of practice

 • Sharpen your brain, to enjoy a greater advantages in business, and your career

 • Improve your relationships - connect with people quicker, on a deeper, more natural level

 • Get rid of all social anxieties and phobias - become more confident

 • Get rid of bad habits, emotional baggage and illogical brain "programming"

 • Banish negative past experiences - and live happy and free, without negative emotional restraints

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What is the technology behind BrainEv?

The Brain Evolution System makes use of a highly specialized, proprietary brainwave entrainment technology (3P DEAP) - which uses intricate sound patterns to influence your brainwaves, and thereby change your state of mind.

 This brainwave entrainment is achieved by simply listening to our sound-based program for 30 minutes per day, 6 days a week, in the comfort of your own home or personal space. No special equipment, exercises or extended effort is required on your part.

 - Just a CD player, and a pair of stereo headphones!

 Exposure to these brainwave states allows you to begin watching the mechanics of your mind in action. Over time, you begin to truly understand the structure of your brain/mind system - and build the "mental muscle" you need to tap into those states again in future, on-demand.

 To learn more about the 3P DEAP technology, click here.

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What is “brainwave entrainment”?

Brainwave entrainment is a proven method of synchronizing ("entraining") one's brainwaves.

 It works by applying frequencies (repeating sound patterns) into the ear, which the brain corresponds with and emulates. The result is a game of 'follow the leader', as the brain processes those frequencies.

A good way to understand how brainwave entrainment works is to imagine what happens when you strike a tuning fork and bring it close to another one: both tuning forks will begin to ring in sympathetic vibration. BrainEv’s approach is no different. It exposes deep meditation frequencies, which the brain then effectively copies.

By applying a variety of specialized audio tones and effects to our rich audio soundscapes, your brainwaves latch on and follow the enriching stimuli throughout each disk and reach mental destinations that are otherwise difficult to achieve through everyday living.

For more details on the science behind brainwave entrainment, click here.

You can also try visiting the Brainwave College to learn more, by clicking here.

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Is brainwave entrainment SAFE?

YES. Brainwave entrainment is incredibly safe. The science is built on over 75 years of research.

 The brainwave entrainment process involves influencing the brainwaves through the use of specially created sounds. You can learn more about the science behind brainwave entrainment here..

HOWEVER... We do NOT recommend brainwave entrainment or the Brain Evolution System for individuals meeting any of the following conditions, knowingly or otherwise:

   · People with epilepsy
  · Pregnant women
  · Those who are wearing a pacemaker
  · Those prone to seizures
  · Those who are photosensitive

Those who should consult a physician before the use of this product include:

   · Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs.

This application is not to be used while under the influence of alcohol or other mood altering substances, whether they are legal or illegal. Children under the age of 18 are to be examined by a physician for epilepsy or illnesses that may contribute to seizures prior to the use of brainwave entrainment or the Brain Evolution System, as they are more susceptible to seizures.


Although the Brain Evolution System can contribute to wellness, it is NOT meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. If you have a serious medical condition please consult with your physician. Ask about "Brainwave Entrainment" and work with your physician to choose the right treatment for you.


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Does BrainEv use subliminal programming?

No. There are no subliminal messages anywhere in the six levels.

With BrainEv, you are put in the driver's seat of your brain's controls, allowing you to remodel yourself as you see necessary. This gives you complete control over your own personal development, and allows you to become a conscious participant in the process of improving yourself.

Additionally, the number of variables involved means that no single subliminal script could ever prove truly effective for the mass market.

 We believe that BrainEv works best by improving your mental muscle, so that you can make your own best decisions - rather than attempting to "program" your thoughts one way or the other.

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Is BrainEv a meditation system?

Effectively, yes.

 Meditation is all about learning to control the mind.

It's about getting into your own space. It's about accessing deeper states of being, on-demand. It's about being able to maintain an inner-calm, even in stressful situations. For some people, it can be a form of relaxation - and for others, it's part of a personal journey.

The Brain Evolution System is effectively a "fast track" meditation program.

With deep Zen meditation, it can often take years to access those deeper states, and gain control over your mind/brain system. The Brain Evolution System effectively helps to speed up this process, helping you to gain quicker control over your brainwave state, so that you can gain access to more insightful levels of mental clarity, wisdom, and self-mastery.

It does this by using brainwave entrainment technology to speed up access to those lower levels, rather than relying on years of practice to access them. This does not detriment at all from the heightened benefits: it simply cuts out on years of needless practice.

So, in brief: Yes, the Brain Evolution System is an incredibly powerful meditation system.

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How can meditation benefit me?

Thousands of research studies have shown that the simple ability to quieten our minds and adjust the rhythms of our body can help prevent many problems, both physical and issues connected to our mental outlook.

 It's also no secret that stress plays tremendous roles in preventing us from relaxation, focus, clarity and contentment too.

BrainEv is a space for 30 minutes where you can acquaint yourself with your natural ability to maintain and strengthen your mind, brain and body in one powerful session.

Moreover, this is a chance to “train” your mind toward overall self-betterment with safe, natural doses of concentrated meditation, without requiring an exhaustive commitment to life-long practice – meaning you experience the self-discovery and ever-lasting benefits of deep meditation in a mere fraction of the time it usually takes to “trigger” these powerful effects.

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I already have meditation experience. Can I still benefit from BrainEv?

Yes! Veterans of meditative practice will find that using the Brain Evolution System can open gateways to levels of consciousness that build on previous experiences, making your meditation even more profound and insightful.

Often the program is even more effective for those with previous mediation experience who are adept at calming the mind and body, thereby allowing them to be more receptive to the technology's benefits.

Of course, previous meditation practice is certainly not required to get the most out of BrainEv. We've developed this course to be progressive, so that both beginners and veterans alike can gain valuable insights and strengths as they progress.

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Do I need to use headphones with BrainEv?

Yes, if possible. Our exclusive 3P DEAP technology utilizes both the left and right speakers on your headphones to deliver the binaural entrainment part of the technology. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you use stereo headphones to maximize benefit from the system.

 You won't need to shell out hundreds on a pair of headphones either. As long as you use decent headphones, which deliver the audio clearly and without distortion, the required audio entrainment frequencies will function just as well as they would on a more expensive set of headphones.

To understand how binaural audio entrainment works, Click Here.

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What if my hearing is less than perfect?

This issue was a prime consideration when creating this system.

 In brief: So long as you have some hearing ability in each ear, you will still be able to reap the benefits of the system.

 Also, if your hearing is better in one ear than the other, you can always adjust the left/right stereo balance on your CD or audio player to compensate by boosting the volume on one side or the other.

 As part of our 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process, we apply much more than just binaural brainwave entrainment methods to the program. There are still two other entrainment methods that the brain picks up on, outside of the binaural signals. This means that even if your your left/right hearing is not even, there are still powerful entrainment layers that maintain the program's effectiveness.

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Can I use BrainEv with my iPhone, or MP3 player?

Yes. You can rip our CDs directly to your MP3 player, so long as you encode at 320 Kbps at Hz 44.1 Hz. This ensures the brainwave entrainment data retains significant integrity to deliver results.

 We do however recommend that you use the pre-encoded MP3 files provided on the download page. With these files, you can transfer the entire Brain Evolution System to your iPhone, iPod or other MP3 player. No messing around with tricky MP3 conversion settings!

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Can I use BrainEv at while at work, on the computer, etc?

No. You must dedicate your listening time entirely to BrainEv.

 This is the only way the brain can activate the required brainwave states. Focusing on other tasks will force brainwave patterns away from the intended path. Just allow yourself 30 minutes of quiet time a day, away from any distractions.

The most startling benefits of BrainEv will often reveal themselves after listening. Amongst other benefits, many users report significant efficiency improvements in their day-to-day routines as a direct result of their BrainEv sessions.

 So, if you can, make time for that 30-minute session - and reap the rewards later in the day! 

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How long will it take for me to feel the effects of BrainEv?

Effects are often felt in the first few days, if not immediately following your first use.

 When listening to a session, you may notice a shift in your relaxation levels, as if you are drifting, or as if time is stretched or elongated. It's not uncommon to feel tingles or slight pressures on the body or in the head as your brain begins to register the entrainment technology and starts to emulate it.

 After the session, you may feel more calm, and focused on the day ahead. Within a week of listening, the brain will have become more acquainted with the sounds, and the effects will become more powerful. Greater mental benefits will become more and more apparent in the weeks and months ahead.

 We suggest maintaining a journal so that you can track your progress, as it's often difficult to observe the benefits when you're on the "inside."

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How long do I need to use BrainEv?

We recommend using each level for one month, listening to one session a day, six days a week - with a weekly day off on any day you choose.

Every month, you will advance to the next disc, and continue this enjoyable, life-bettering process for six months. At the end of your dedicated six month evolution, you will review all of the levels a final time. After this, you are free to use each disk as you see fit.

You can read and download our official user's guide to the program, by clicking here

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Are there any precautions to consider when using this technology?

Due to some of the highly relaxed states generated by BrainEv, you should not operate a vehicle or any dangerous machinery while using the program.

Those with a predisposition to epilepsy may be affected when using brainwave entrainment technology. However rare, there is a risk of seizure associated with individuals who are predisposed to epileptic fits.

For additional details, refer to our disclaimer and precautions page.

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Is BrainEv a spiritual or scientific product?

The Brain Evolution System is built on well over 75 years of brainwave entrainment research.

 This research reveals how the brain can be delivered safely into beneficial brainwave states, using sound to stimulate the auditor cortex - which then feeds into the limbic system and out through the brain’s electrical activity itself. is not a spiritual or religious organization of any kind. Our quest is to offer products and support which promote the most cutting-edge personal advancement tools available. These tools effect real positive self-development and extend to improve performance in both your personal and professional life.

Matters of spirit are those of the beholder. We encourage and will support you on using BrainEv in your quest to find the greatest truths, regardless of your faith or spiritual persuasion.

Overall, it is our stance to provide these tools and support so that you can be free to grow in the beliefs and models that you’ve chosen.

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I’m looking at products that take more/less time and offer something similar, why should I use this?

Brainwave entrainment products come in a variety of forms, and prices range anywhere from $10 to $3000 dollars.

 Our research shows us that the Brain Evolution System is quite simply the BEST program available anywhere on the market today.

 Many brainwave entrainment programs are structured in a way that takes years to see results, with levels getting progressively more expensive. Others are simply cheap downloads created by brainwave enthusiasts, which the brain soon "tunes out" from.

 With the Brain Evolution System, we focused on creating a program that was convenient, enjoyable, and delivered results. BrainEv combines the best of both worlds, delivering short-term results in conjunction with a longer-term, evolving program.

 We use a listening period of six months to ensure that every benefit is squeezed from the Brain Evolution System program. By dedicating 30 minutes per day to the program, your small commitment has the power to create positive change that can stay with you your whole life long.

 We also believe that with 3P DEAP™, we have created a powerful listening system that truly engages the brain, for maximum results. Other programs tend to use the same basic, non-dynamic listening programs, which results in the mind "tuning out" and no longer delivering results. Our program builds on its progress, day by day, level by level.

 Additionally, we offer a complete support package to take care of your questions and to help you understand what to expect from BrainEv - including follow-up e-mail messages, monthly videos, and round-the-clock support. This support system continues to grow with you, so that your benefits will always increase.

 So, do your research - and decide on the best. Your investment ultimately is in yourself.

 Learn more about other programs, and how they compare to BrainEv, by clicking here.

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I have more questions. How can I contact you?

Don't worry - we're always here to help!

 You might wish to start by visiting our support site online at  

 You can also read our expanded Frequently Asked Questions online at  

 However, to get in touch with our support team directly, please e-mail support @

 We'd love to hear from you - and we promise to any query to you within one business day!

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