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  The Brain Evolution System™ is an accelerated meditation program that, almost instantly, puts your mind into the "zone" for improved mental performance, relaxation and higher brain functioning.

  Scientists have long known that your brainwave state determines your state of being. BrainEv, like "regular" meditation, sets you on a journey of inner exploration, clears your mind of its mental clutter, and gently guides your brain into optimized states of thinking... being... and performing... automatically!

  Unlike regular meditation or other "brainwave" programs on the market, BrainEv's exclusive 3P D.E.A.P Process has been scientifically engineered to induce fast results. Many users report new sensations and the feeling that "it's just working" — right from the very first session.

  We want you to experience that effect for yourself!

  Our exclusive, systemic and highly-tuned six month program is designed to enrich your life with the ability to see things clearer... gain foresight, and a new lease on life... promote relaxation and the inner ability to dissolve stress and tension... improve your thinking, intellectual grasp and understanding and guide your mind toward "whole brain functioning" — to gain ultimate clarity, focus and control in your world.

  But don't take our word for it. Don't even listen to our members. In fact, before you spend a dime on any entrainment product... hypnosis tape... or another of those time-sucking "self help" books or programs, let me prove to you just how effective the Brain Evolution System™ can be.

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  We've put together a special condensed try-out version of BrainEv Level I, Transcendence. Each of the six proprietary levels is normally 30 minutes in length... in this special version, we've condensed the program down to 15 minutes to deliver a quick-dose "whammy" of the accelerated meditation technology.

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  To take advantage, you just need a pair of stereo headphones and 15 quiet minutes to yourself. Be warned, though. This packs a punch. You may feel more relaxed than you've felt in quite some time!

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